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Stories are how we get to know the world. For a brand, stories are how your customers or clients connect with not only who you are, what you do and what you’re all about but also where you’ve been and where you’re going. It’s that ability to connect on an emotional and experiential level that builds brand loyalty.

Not all marketers are natural storytellers, though. Crafting a really good story requires pulling from the literary tenets of creative non-fiction and the in-depth research tactics of journalism. With an arsenal of compelling and shareable content, your brand is better equipped to connect with customers or clients for the long term.

Those stories might come in the form of a blog post or a series of articles in a custom digital magazine. They can be incorporated in your annual reports or newsletters, or published by a third party as sponsored content. We’ll come up with a plan.

Sennachie offers content strategies and storytelling solutions for your marcom and HR campaigns — by finding and telling your stories and bringing them to life the best way possible. Learn more about how storytelling can help your brand.


Your brand’s stories aren’t just about the products or services that you sell — your brand is about the people who shape it, like your founders, your staff, your customers or your clients. There are stories deeply embedded in how your brand came to be, where it’s been and where it’s going.

Maybe you already know the story you want to tell. Maybe you have no idea it’s there.

We’ll work with you to discover these stories through research, meetings and interviews with various players who have been impacted by your brand’s work. From there, we’ll come up with an on-brand content strategy that will help bring these stories to the world, whether that’s through a one-off publication or an ongoing campaign.


Telling your story is as much about what you want to say as it is about who you want to say it to. Once we identify your possible stories, we’ll craft one of them, some of them or all of them according to the story, its audience and its platform.

These stories could be profiles of your staff, clients or customers. They could be about your company’s history, accomplishments or secrets to success. Maybe they’re not about your company at all but instead about what you stand for.

Sometimes it takes more than words to tell a good story. In that case, we'll connect with our network of web developers, graphic designers, photographers and videographers to give your story the treatment it needs.


A story needs an audience. The content we create can be used for marketing purposes, investor relations or even recruitment.

Brand stories can be shared on existing platforms — like your website, your blog, social media, newsletters or in annual reports — or we can help you create a totally new platform for a larger content campaign — a digital magazine, ebook, microsite or even as sponsored content in an existing publication.

How your stories can and should be told and who they’ll be told to will be a part of the story planning process from the very beginning. We’ll ensure you’re equipped with a strong content strategy for sharing your stories and finding new ones as your business evolves.

Content marketing is about owning your voice.


Rather than vying for a few seconds in the news or a blurb in a magazine, brand publishing allows you to create your own media, shape it, master it and own it.

Telling a story well involves using the right voice and other narrative elements that you may be more accustomed to seeing in fiction. A well-told story resonates with readers, connects your brand with the public and brings to life those shared experiences and feelings. By seamlessly integrating your brand into the stories that are relevant and compelling to your followers, you bring your brand’s human side alive and build loyalty among old customers and reach new ones.

Hiring a journalist with a marketing and publishing background, rather than tasking an in-house copywriter or marketer with the storytelling process, allows you to discover stories you’ve never thought of and tell them in ways that will hook readers and compel them to share.




-Ira Glass, This American Life









Sennachie founder Heather Kang (formerly Cleland) combines her love for finding and telling a good story with her background in marketing and content strategy. She has told stories for The Walrus, The Globe & Mail, CBC Radio, AOL, Bell Media, The Georgia Straight and more. She has a master’s degree in publishing, a BA in sociology and journalism and ten years of experience in digital & content marketing in the travel industry.

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Sennachie (pronounced senna-key) is a Scottish-Gaelic word meaning ‘storyteller’. Historically, each Scottish clan had its own sennachie, who was the keeper and sharer of the clan’s stories—triumphs and tragedies, lineage and land—as a way to build and sustain cohesion within the clan.

Heather is a descendent of the Cleland clan.






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